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Customers' Testimonials

  • George : Took a while to get stock but overall very happy with support and general product.

    The customer has bought: Random Butterfly Knife CS:GO Skin

    27/09/2016 12:39:52

  • Tristan : Members of IGVault should be very proud of the service that they deliver to their customers of buyers. Will definitely make monthly purchases to support

    The customer has bought: Random Covert CS:GO Skin

    27/09/2016 11:01:38

  • Danilo : Really easy to buy here, fast delivering using ah.

    The customer has bought: World Of Warcraft Europe Gold

    25/09/2016 07:59:46

  • Joshua : relatively fast, I think I need to do this to get my stuff,

    The customer has bought: Random Knife CS:GO Skin

    25/09/2016 06:56:31

  • Christian : This is my 9th order, and I always get my gold. Best seller in my opinion, I recommend this provider.

    The customer has bought: Aura Kingdom Gold

    25/09/2016 01:58:09

  • lyon : it did come very fast but just through the mail instead of trading without it got said that it got delivered trough the mail if that was said i would have rated 5 stars

    The customer has bought: Final Fantasy XIV Gil

    24/09/2016 18:07:40

  • Benjamin : super fast for 100 000k !

    The customer has bought: StarWars:The Old Republic Credit

    23/09/2016 23:07:39

  • Edward : thanks andy AJ3 and igvault

    The customer has bought: FIFA 16 Coins

    23/09/2016 12:00:38

  • klesh : Nice delivery speed, verification process maybe a little too tedious and intrusive.

    The customer has bought: Twin Saga Gold

    22/09/2016 23:06:51

  • malcolm : it was quick process they will transerf weak pokemons that you didnt mark as favorite. dont use a google account, its a hassle.

    The customer has bought: Pokemon GO Farming & Leveling

    22/09/2016 22:07:22