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Dofus Cheap Dofus Kamas is available now! We offer you large amount of Dofus Kamas with favorable price. Besides that, we still offer top-notch service with 24/7 constant delivery for you. Join us now!
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Amakna Castle Rat Dungeon in Dofus (2012-03-13)
Amakna Castle Rat Dungeon is a seven difficulty level dungeon,located at (6,-9) in the Amakna Castle Tunnel in dofus.
In order to enter Amakna Castle Rat Dungeon,you need to gain a level 150 key at Amakna Castle to Aperirel at (6,-5),which can be crafted by a level 100 Handyman from 10 Grossewer Shaman Skin,10 Grossewer Rat Hair,10 Grossewer Shaman Skin,10 Mushd Hand,1 Bontarian Rat Hair,1 Brakmarian Rat Hair,1 First Key to Sphincter's Dungeon,and 1 Second Sphincter Dungeon Key.
Above all,you need to enter the Amakna Castle Tunnel through the jail at (6,-5),then go through the door with the skull above it to (6,-6),and head north to (6,-9).There are up to 9 rooms in it with several different numbers of monsters in each room.Sphincter Cell and White Rat are two boss monsters,both of which can be found in the final room 9.
Besides,you may gain the pet Atooin as reward after the dungeon.Meanwhile,it is the only place to find the boss Sphincter Cell.

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Abandoned Mine in dofus (2012-03-02)
Abandoned Mine is a insane dungeon in dofus,which contains 5 different rooms.Players need to defeat all mobs on one map before moving to the next map of the dungeon.
Abandoned Mine is located in the Snowy Forest(-52,-45).If you want to adventure the dungeon,you need to form a team of 1440 plus group level and 180 plus player level.You need to gain one Sakai Mine Key and give it to Hywan Kenoby to enter the dungeon.Sakai Mine Key can be crafted by a level 100 Handyman from 10 Gobshell Wood,10 Buzta Ear,10 Asploda Eye,10 Stabba Fibula,10 Grabba Skin,1 Asploda Wig,1 Buzta Foot and 1 Sakai Nugget Fragment.
Abandoned Mine is seperated into 5 different rooms,which you need to complete one by one.If you dies in a room of the dungeon,you can return to the dungeons entrance and enter the dungeon again from the room where you died without any additional keys.There is no time limit to the dungeon.N is the unique boss in Abandoned Mine.Unfortunately,there's no specific reward from Abandoned Mine.

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Merchant in Dofus (2012-02-09)
Merchant is a kind of offline mode in which the players can sell certain items to other players.It is an effective way of offline bargaining.Only 6 merchants can be active at any given geoposition at a time,except for Merchantile places,which can hold up to 20 merchants.
Players need to select items which you want for sale and drag them into the merchant shop from your regular inventory,or you can bid the quantity and price for goods to be placed in your shop just by clicking on unequipped items in your inventory.After that,you can select Organize my shop option from the drop down left.Other players will see a bag near your avatar.The bag will have a log if you sell resources,potion vials if you sell potions or parchments,or a sword if you sell convertible items.
The amount of items you can place in your shop is equal to your current combat level.Besides, entering merchant mode costs 0.01% of the total price of all items in your shop.If your subscription runs out while in merchant mode,you will be left in merchant mode until you next log in.Once a shop is sold out completely,it will be removed from the map.If you have been placed into merchant mode, logging in with any character on that same account and server will remove your character from merchant mode.

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Mounts in Dofus (2012-01-17)
Mounts are a kind of useful creatures,similar to pets in Dofus.Players can start using mounts from level 60 in dofus.Now the only available type of mount is the Dragoturkey.
Players can only use a mount at a time and changing mounts requires a paddock.Your mount becomes unridable when its energy down to zero.Although mounts do not die, energy is lost by the mount each time when mounting. It also can be raised by feeding or using a Manger.Mounts don't have a regular feeding time,only needs to be fed when energy is zero.
Mounts can boost multiple characteristics,such as Vitality, Wisdom and Strength.They can carry items up to a certain number of pods depending on color and level.Mounts make your character travel faster across maps in game.Dragoturkeys are found on the map in the Scaraleaf Plain as well as the Wild Dragoturkey Territory in Koalak Mountain.They can be captured for mounting.

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Alchemist in Dofus (2011-11-15)
Alchemist is a special profession which focus on both gathering and crafting.Players can gather plants and flowers as well as making dyes and all kinds of magical potions.
Alchemists can pick flowers from plant spawns.Make sure that you have chosen the correct tools.You will gain different resources and experiences according to what plants you farm.Gathering times are the same for all resources,12 seconds base and reduced by 0.1 seconds per profession level.The amount of each resource starts at 1-2 when you unlock it and increases by 1 with every 5 levels up.
Once you start your profession,you are only able to gather one resource:Flax Flowers. When you're below character level 15 and profession level 5,you can repeat the quest Manufacture for Poss'Ybel Nhin in the side room of the Incarnam Inn (3, 3).It is fairly enough to get you from profession level 1 to 6.
Alchemists can make many potions with various effects,such as Healing potions,Energy potions,Teleportation potions.Recipes are important when you make magical potions. Besides you can gain experience with every potion you make.If you want to sell flowers or potions,the alchemists' Marketplace is your best choice.

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