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The Vault of Lies in Rappelz (2012-02-08)
The Vault of Lies is a new rank 6 dungeon located in the Templar Headquarters in the Laksy Area, which is opened in the Epic 7.2 of Rappelz.
The Vault of Lies is only accessible to players who have a minimum level of 138 and have completed a series of quests. The only entrance is the Dimensional Gate in the Ancient Magic Lab; the Vault of Lies contains several areas full of dark secrets and dangerous new mobs. All mobs are high Rank 6 or Rank 7.The Church's fanatics guard the priests while they use experimental magic to conduct dark and forbidden experiments.
First of all, players need to complete the quest, the Corruted Church, and go to Ancient Priest ponet, who will give you the Interrogation, then talk with Ancient Priest Recna to gain the Ambush. All the mobs are on the Eastern Platform. And you need to defeat mobs in the South Platform, which is also called the Browbeating Lab. In next quest, you need to find the source of voice in the North Platform, then search the Piles of Refuse in the Browbeating Lab and kill the Waste Shredder to complete the Waste Disposal quest.
After that, players need to go through the portal tank and complete the Neurology Lab quest, in which you need to have a hard fight with the boss Deafening Banshee and Dark Knight. Then you need to search the container to finish Memory Extration quest, and kill mobs in the Mental Probing Charmber to find the item Needle Fragment. Finally players need to complete The Final Battle quest and go back to talk with Hero Hector again.

Tags:  Rappelz Rupees, Rappelz Rupees

Boost Chips in Rappelz (2011-12-30)
Boost chips are a type of item in Rappelz which can double your damage when used in fight.
There are three types of boost chip,Force Chips,Soul Chips and Luna Chips,each chips are divided into seven ranks of boost chips.All ranks of boost chips can be procured by exchanging Lak,or be bought from the Lak Trader NPC in any town.Force Chips are a type of Boost Chip which double the amount of physical damage,Soul Chips double the amount of magical damage.While Luna Chips double both the amount of physical and magical damage.
Boost chips will only be effective when used on enemies with the same or lower rank of the chips.There will be a chance that the chips may drop at that time.Boost Chips effect lasts for 10 seconds in game and the chips have a cool-down time of 0.5 seconds.Boost chips are instant-cast,the rate of success will be reduced if the rank raise.Besides,the weights and prices are totally different according to the rank.

Tags:  Rappelz Rupees, Rappelz Rupees

Mounts in Rappelz (2011-12-08)
Mounts are useful creatures which provide increased movement speed when players travel through the world of Rappelz.
Players can purchase mounts from either Adventure Guides or the Item Shop.Mounts are activated by double-clicking the icon in your inventory or on one of your hot bars. On the contary,you can double-click the icon again to dismount.Once players ride on a mount,it's unable for you to attack or defend.If you are knocked off your mount by a passing Mob,you will be paralyzed for 3 to 5 seconds.
Mounts which are bought from an Adventure Guide expire in 6 or 72 hours in-game. These timers start again when you connect in and stop when you log out.No matter you are online or not,mounts purchased in the cash shop are available for you in 30 days.Besides,Pure White Lydians and Black Lydians purchased from the Item Shop will be permanent.
The movement speed of mounts are affected by Agile Style and Decorative Wings instead of Boots,Wind Potions or Speed of the Wind.Players can increase your Mount's movement speed with Ancient Horseshoes.Some pets can be used as a mount,once they have obtained a certain level or evolution.

Tags:  Rappelz Rupees, Rappelz Rupees

Enchantment in Rappelz (2011-11-28)
Enchantment is important in the world of Rappelz,which always refers to weapons, armor and skill cards can be enchanted by combining one of these items with the right type of cube.
The process of enchantment is finished in the combination box,Inventory window. There are five kinds of cube in rappelz,Defense Cube,Strike Cube,,Ancient Skill Cube,Reduction Cube and Skill Cube,which are used on cards, weapons and armor respectively with different effections.Once you have successfully enchanted,the item description will show the added number(+N).
If the combination is unsuccessful then the item will be broken,you have an option to repair it to its original state before the failed enchantment.There are three important tools in the process,E-Protect Powder,E-Repair Powder and Reduction Toolkit.E-Protect Powder can be used to prevent items from breaking.While E-Repair Powder can repair the broken item.If you cannot afford E-Repair powder,you can try to unenchant it by using Reduction Toolkits.
There is always a chance of failure in your enchantments,you need to be cautious.

Tags:  Rappelz Rupees, Rappelz Rupees

Chatting system in Rappelz (2011-11-03)
It's very important to use chatting system for in-game communication in Rappelz.
Once you press Enter in chat tab,the chat window is activated.When you finish your message ,you can send the message to others by pressing Enter again.But you can just communicate with players in the same server which you login.There are six chat modes in game,Whole,Ad, General,Party,Guild,and Whisper.You can use any of the six chat modes by clicking S button in front of your message.
Whole Chat is the basic chat mode in Rappelz.Chat messages appear white,which you send in whole chat,and are visible to all players near you in the game.Besides you can see chat messages from all six Chat channels in whole chat mode.
You can also use emoticons in chatting window.It will make your chatting more interesting when you discuss with others around you.Some of these emoticons have a functional purpose while others are just for simple entertainment.

Tags:  Rappelz Rupees, Rappelz Rupees

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