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Clash of Clans Supercell ID-Th13🍉🐳Lv 207🍓War star 929🌙Hero(65/65/41/6)🌻Builder Hall 9


  • Server/Platform Supercell ID
  • Experience Level 208
  • Town Hall Level 13
  • Builder Hall Level 9
  • Barbarian King Level 65
  • Archer Queen Level 65
  • Royal Champion Level 6
  • Grand Warden Level 41
  • Battle Machine Level 30
  • Free Changeable Name No

Seller information :

  • 20 Days Warranty
  • 5 Minutes
  • Refund Guaranteed

Price :

176.12 USD

Sold Out


  • Description
  • Town Hall (1)
  • Home Village (1)
  • Builder Hall (1)
  • Builder Base (1)


- Town hall Level: 13

- Name Change is Available

- Experience Level: 207

- Defensive Buildings Upgrade Progress: 100%

- Laboratory Upgrade Progress: 100%

- Barbarian King Level : 65

- Archer Queen Level: 65

- Grand Warden Level: 41
-Royal Champion lever : 6

- Battel Machine lever : 30

- Legend Trophies:

- War Stars: 929

- Gems: 1979

- Builder Hall Level: 9

Town Hall(1)

Home Village(1)

Builder Hall(1)

Builder Base(1)

FAQ - iGVault Guarantees the Safety & Speed of Every Order More+

COC Buyer's FAQ

Please don't contact supercell official in any case! Please contact sellers on our site.

1. What can buyers change after buy an account?

1.1  Google play account

You can change password, recovery email and bind phone number of Gmail.

And you can also bind a new supercell id.

1.2  Supercell id account

You can change password, recovery email and bind phone number of email.

But you cannot change supercell id, if you contact supercell, they will lock the account.

2.How to login to game?

2.1 When game history is based on Google play account(supercell ID:Disconnected).

[Android Phone]
Just enter the game via Google Play
1. Enter the game through Google Play via Android device or Emulator, then register your private Supercell ID (Skip this step if you already got the Supercell ID)
2. Bind the account with your Supercell ID
3. Use your Supercell ID to log in the game on your IOS device
2.2 When game history is based on Supercell ID(supercell ID:Connected)
Just enter the game via Supercell ID


3.1 Google Play Login:https://youtu.be/cumOJl4sgNE

3.2 Super cell ID Login:https://youtu.be/L2-0JWq1-e4

3.3 Connect Supercell ID with your google account:https://youtu.be/ohbChK7NmGY

3.4 How to change Gmail password:https://youtu.be/F8A0-QtMWQw

3.5How to login Gmail with recovery email:https://youtu.be/MqE7nAiYAQk

How does iGVault work?

Buyers create order

1. Buyers create order
iGVault verify payment

2. iGVault verify payment
Professional Delivery Service

3. Seller completes delivery within delivery guarantee
Buyers receive products and give feedback

4. Buyers receive products and give feedback
Sellers get earnings

5. Sellers get earnings

What is Warranty Time?

All of accounts have a warranty time which means if your account happens to get banned for botting,the seller promise to provide you with a new replacement for free. Currently, we have the lowest ban rate in the industry and very rarely have to replace accounts. However, in the unlikely event that you do get banned through any fault of the seller, you can ask the seller for replacing your account for free.

How to withdraw my money?

If there is no problem of the account in the warranty time, after warranty time you can withdraw the money. You can follow these steps: 1.Seller Center→Sale Order→Withdraw (You can see all orders which can be withdrawed) 2.Click“Withdraw”button 3.The browser will jump to the withdrawal page and you are able to withdraw your money(at least 10EUR) in this page.

Bank Card Refund Time Frame

If you pay with credit card and request a refund,please note that the time frame of refund funds appear in shopper's credit/debit card account is different after refund successfully. 

VISA/MASTERCARD refunded: 3-5 business days.

Non VISA/MASTERCARD refunded: 5-7 business days.

Normally it takes banks 14 business day to credit the refunds into the cardholder’s account. Some banks will take 30days or even until their next billing cycle.

How often do I receive my account information after placing an order? How to receive it?

The IGV account business adopts the consignment mode. After the order payment is successful, the system will automatically send the corresponding product information to your email address, and you can also get the product information by chatting with the seller.

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Gho****m:Nice villages and prices are very good the seller is friendly will be sure to order again next time 🌹🔥

The Customer has bought: Th13💧Level 215💧War star 2169💧Heroes(70/70/50/20)💧TROOPS NICE Account


bas****m:Very good seller and helpfull via WhatsApp !

The Customer has bought: Th11💧Level 157💧War star 1558💧Heroes(21/25/20)💧Builder Hall 4 Account


ali****m:It is really cheap compared to other villages. Fast response.

The Customer has bought: Th13💧Level 194💧Warstar 1515💧Heroes(35/48/25/3)💧Builder Hall5 Account


dav****m:kann man echt empfehlen muss nur noch eine woche warten biss ich meine email änderen kann und dann gibt es auch 5 ^^

The Customer has bought: Th13💧Level 197💧War star 2336💧Heroes(65/70/49/11)💧HERO GOOD Account


swi****m:great and fast seller

The Customer has bought: Th13💧Level 183💧Warstar 1302💧Heroes(41/50/24/9)💧Builder Hall9 Account



The Customer has bought: Th13💧Level 199💧Warstar 447💧Heroes(63/70/46/15)💧Builder Hall9 Account


sil****m:Great guy

The Customer has bought: Th13💧Level 225💧War star 1936💧Heroes(70/70/48/12)💧TROOPS NICE Account


COU****n:Voleur ! il ma pas rendu le compte c’est une arnaque !

The Customer has bought: Th9💧Level 85💧War star 181💧Heroes(11/16)💧Builder Hall 5 Account


Out****2:Great deal instant delivery

The Customer has bought: Th11💧Level 114💧War star 488💧Heroes(30/31/10)💧Builder Hall 5 Account


Die****m:el correo viene verificado por teléfono, no puedo hacerlo mio asi la cuenta nunca será mia

The Customer has bought: Th13💧Level 233💧Warstar 1799💧Heroes(70/70/50/20)💧Fully Troops Account


Sold Out

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