LOG OUT your FUT on Console 2016-11-07 08:07:19

It said “Please LOG OUT your FUT on Console”, WHY/HOW?

You will be limited by using our Comfort Trade 3.0 If you haven’t log out your FUT on Console.

Please log out your FUT on Console successfully before you use our Comfort Trade 3.0.

Or you have already logged out your FUT on Console but still the system says you haven’t.

This may be caused by the wrong order you log out the Console.

Here are the tips for logging out your FUT on Console in a right order, please check out if you have logged out correctly:

1.First disconnect your FUT and return to the main menu.

2.Then close the game (FIFA).

3.At last close your Console

4.Please wait for 1 minute to retry the delivery system.(If the system still gives you the same error, it may be the delay of Network, just wait for 20 minutes and try again.)

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