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Forget your Security Answer or Locked?

If you forget your Security Question and Answer or get locked out of your console or the WEBAPP, you can reset your information.

1. Security Answer Locked

Follow this process if you are locked out and have access to your trusted device (the device you previously played FUT):

1. Log in to your trusted device and load FIFA

2. Enter the Ultimate Team Game Mode.

3. The system will ask you to set a new Security Answer.

4. Use the new Security Answer to complete the delivery.

2. Forgot your Security Answer

1. Clear your Cookies or use a browser that has never logged in to Webapp.

2. Visit the FUT website:

3. When you see the Security Answer page, please enter a wrong answer 5 times to lock your Account.

5. Log back in to FUT with your trusted device. It will prompt you to create a new security question and answer.

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