How to Auction for receiving World of Warcraft Gold 2016-06-23 06:34:43

Why should you choose "Auction Trade" to be delivered with WoW Gold?

1. "Auction Trade" is the way the safest through which you will be delivered without any negative influence on your WoW account.

2. Via "Auction Trade", you do no need to be online to wait for delivery, just contact us by Online Support and leave the auction information, the delivery takes place in 24 hours which is 100% guaranteed.

Please follow the instructions below to properly carry out the auction in World of Warcraft to get your order:

1. Go to the Auction House in one of the cities in the game, the most popular are Orgrimmar for Horde and Stormwind for Alliance;

2. List any object in the Auction House and be sure to set the buyout price;

3. Set the duration of the auction at 48 hours.

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