What is the payment verification 2015-05-15 12:04:54

1. What is the verification of payment about?

The verification is to prove that the buyer is the owner of the payment account (or has the permission of the owner), and to protect your account preventing purchases by someone who has stolen your account information.

2. Why do I have to verify?

In order to verify that this online payment has not been made by someone who stole the card or use it without the permission of the owner, we need copies of your ID card /credit card or other documents that we ask you to provide.

All your personal information will be deleted after the verification.

3. How may I provide these documents?

You may use a scanner, a digital camera, a multi-function printer, or take a picture with your mobile phone.

For the details regarding the verification process, please go to “My IGVault” and click on the “Self Check” button, located beside your order. Please pay attention to the size of the file you will provide us.

If you are unable to upload photos, you can contact us at the online support.

The document must be in color & perfectly legible, any use of image processing software is prohibited and will trigger the failure of the verification.

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