How to unlock WoW account 2015-08-10 03:03:34

WoW account will be locked temporarily, once the account was in a different connection pattern, Blizzard Entertainment will send unlock email to the corresponding mailbox.

You need to click 'Password Reset page' to unlock the account on the mail.

According to the unlocking process of Blizzard Entertainment, you need to fill in the account personal information.

Choose verification method

After the completion of the above operations, Blizzard Entertainment will send a confirmation email to your mailbox.

You need to click the site link to changepassword on the mail.

After the password has been changed and your account has been unlocked, you need to told us your new password via IGVault online customer service, so that we can quickly complete the power leveling for you. Note that you should not login account and change the password,so as not to affect the power leveling schedule, after your account is unlocked.

Attention: When you complete the above unlock operation, please do not log in the World of Warcraft officel website or the game, so as to avoid the unlocking failure.

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