This is the first time I use a third party trading site,how to use it 2016-06-28 09:05:51

Hello! Welcome to IGV. Whether you are a CSGO global elite or a raw hand, we sincerely hope that you can be assured at our site, have fun.

However, if you are a new user who has just signed up for Steam and has not previously had a third party transaction with a Steam Game Item, we'd like you to know the following before we start shopping:

1. To protect the interests of users, users will be recommended to bind Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator, in order to provide further protection for your Steam account.

Also, Binding your phone with Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator will give your Steam account the highest level of security, because you should use the physical device that you own to authorize your login.

For that purpose,you need to download and install the free Steam Mobile App (APP) on your mobile phone and bind and activate the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator.

Logging in on a new device, or when you are going to give an item in a transaction, will ask you to enter a real-time dynamic password. If you do not bind the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator, it will be okay to buy it, but you will be subject to an official restriction called "Trade hold" every time you retrieve items or sell your items. Under this restriction, trading items will be stored in the steam for 15 days before you can complete the transaction. Therefore, in order to avoid such troubles, we recommend that you first install the steam mobile app. You can search for Steam in the iOS or Android app market and download it.

2.You need to know that, whether it is PUBG, or CSGO, the item you buy will eventually enter your "inventory" in Steam. On third-party trading websites, you need to make your steam inventory available to everyone, otherwise the trading robot will not be able to send you a trade request.

How to set Steam inventory public ?

First, after logging in to the Steam account, click "View Profile"

Then, click "edit profile"

Finally, in the "Edit Profile" page, click "My Privacy Settings", click "public" on the "Inventory" tab , now you have set the inventory to the public.

3.After completing the above two steps, you will normally be able to start trading smoothly. However, the steam official will sometimes set some "trade restrictions" for a specific account for the players financial safety and other considerations. You can log in Steam account to check your account for the stat of transaction restrictions.It will also explain the reasons for the restrictions.

If you are experiencing a limitation and do not know how to fix it, you can consult our FAQ: Trading Restrictions

Or you can check steam official description of all types of transactions, see this site:

So, looking forward to that you can have a happy shopping trip at IGV!

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