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How to retrieve Steam items ?

· I just placed and paid an order on iGVault, how could i retrieve these items?

Step 1, click “My IGVault”and then in the new page, click “Retrieve Item”

Step 2, in “Retrieve Item”page, click items you want to retrieve in “My IGVault Inventory”tag, these items will be choosed into “My Steam Inventory” tag, then click the “Retrieve Item” button.

Step 3, after clicking “Retrieve Item”, iGVault robot will send you a trade offer according to your Steam trade URL. You could click “Go To Steam”when the button turns to green in the new page.


Step 4, after clicking “Go To Steam”, it will jump to the steam trade offer page. You could find an offer sent by iGVault robot and then click “Respond to Offer”.

Step 5, you could check the offer if it is the item you want to retrieve. Click “Confirm trade contents”if you confirm the item is right, it will turn to “ready to trade”, then you could click “Accept Trade”.


Step 6, after “Accept Trade”, it turns to the “Trade Completed” page below. Then you could equip or use the items successfully retrieved.

How could i retrieve my items on selling?

Step 1, in "My IGVault" page, click "Selling" and you could check all of items on selling (pay attention to choose CS:GO or PUBG). Then you could click the Down arrow for unlisting a skin or choose many items and click "Unlist" button.  All of these unlist items will be sent back to “My IGVault Inventory”.

Step 2, click “Retrieve Item”and choose items you want to retrieve or “ All” items, then you could successfully retrieve items follow the steps showed above.

· If you haven’t receive the trade offer on steam, don’t worry, it may caused by Steam Servers Status. If it shows no delay on Steam Servers, please contact Live Support.

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