Cities Skylines CDKey

Paradox Interactive
Release Date:
09 March 2015
Cities Skylines is a simulation game where you create the city of your dreams. Let your imagination go wild to come up with the most awesome skycrapers!
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Release Date:09 March 2015
Publisher:Paradox Interactive

Cities Skylines CDKey

Start now playing the game that has sold no less than 1 million copies not even a month after its release.
Why does this management game captivate so many players? Simply because it is a real city-building game, as we had not seen since SimCity.
In Cities Skylines, you have a budget that allows you to build your city and manage all public infrastructure: roads, water control and electricity.
But beware: the city should not just please yourself, it must also be attractive for tourists and all the people from the city!

Will you succeed this major task?
Buy now your Cities Skylines CDKey to find out!

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