Mad Max CDKey

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release Date:
03 September 2015
Mad Max is an action and racing game that takes place in a post-apocaliptic time. The player is Mad Max and drives a car called the Inceptor and has to vanquish lots of ennemies(delivery on release day).
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Release Date:03 September 2015
Publisher:Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Mad Max CDKey

Fans of the Mad Max movie, you dream of a third-person shooter game in an open world, with racing missions?
Stop dreaming, Mad Max did it!

Personify Mad Max and find the bandits who have tried to kill you after they have stolen everything from you, including your precious car!
Whether you are in canyons, caves or even deserts, you will have to drive your car while fighting against your enemies. Besides, cars play such an important role in the video game, that almost 60% of the campaigns require driving!

Will you be talented enough behind the wheel to successfully recover your pride ... and your Inceptor?

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