Megalodon Shark Cash Card

Rockstar Games
Release Date:
13 April 2015
Megalodon Shark Cash Card to credit for your GTA account.
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Release Date:13 April 2015
Publisher:Rockstar Games
Megalodon Shark Cash Card
Like in real life, money plays a critical part in GTA Online.
Without money on GTA, how can you buy cars, weapons and properties in order to notably protect yourself from the so many players who want to lose your money… or life?

Or even of you already have enough money, don't you want to be able to customize even more what you already own, and be able to show off in front of all your friends as well as all your ennemies?

If you belong to one of these two categories, you need to buy a Megalodon Shark Cash Card, which gives you 8 Million Dollars!

Why Buy A Megalodon Shark Cash Card At IGVault?
At IGVault, we know that players need to be served very quickly to then be able to immediately use the item in the game.
That is exactly why The Megalodon Shark Cash Card is sent less than 5 minutes after the payment is successful.
And because the game is already stressful enough, we ensure that your experience on IGVault is hassle-free, by providing a site and payment methods that are 100% secure.

How To Receive Your GTA Megalodon Shark Cash Card?
In order to prevent any delay in the delivery, please make sure that the email address you indicate us during the payment process is without any mistake, as we will use it to send you the card.

So come on! Buy your GTA Megalodon Shark Cash Card at IGVault now and be the leader of the city!

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