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: Website worked great! I ordered a 106 Pummeller and I was given a 130. I would have preferred the 106 for my missions but thanks for the upgrade.

The customer has bought: Fortnite:200x Malachite Ore Tier 3

15/11/2018 04:17:03

: Website works great I'm already using the guns in Fortnite!

The customer has bought: Fortnite:1x Lead Sled - 4 Stars【Energy】

15/11/2018 02:41:56

Dw****ht : very fast and complete it was great

The customer has bought: Fortnite:1x Bobcat - 4 Stars【Energy】

15/11/2018 01:08:26

: super fast!!

The customer has bought: Fortnite:1x Dam Buster - 5 Stars【Energy】

14/11/2018 15:50:32

: i love this website

The customer has bought: Fortnite:1x Wraith - 5 Stars【Energy】

14/11/2018 11:10:00

: took a little longer than normal but i got the items and the live support was awesome.

The customer has bought: Fortnite:1x Nocturno - 5 stars【Energy】

13/11/2018 00:06:55

Fortnite Trading Process

Notes on Fortnite Items trading

1. Provide us both your EPIC Account Email Address and Your Plateform

(Your Plateform = PC or PS4 or XBOX One)

2. Confirm Friend Request from us

3. After grouping, entering same map, we will drop the items you ordered on the ground, so you can pick them up

Why choose to buy Fortnite Items at IGV? 

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IGVault is here to offer you all the Fortnite Items you need to Save The World.

It may take hours for you to collect the Fortnite Materials you need in the game, but in IGVault, we will deliver you instantly the Fortnite Materials or Fortnite Weapons or Fortnite Traps once you ordered.

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