Announcement About The Steam Trade Problem On IGVault 2017-11-09 08:57:01

Dear IGVault members, 

This week, due to a technical bug, Steam Guard of some inventory bots was changed. We found and fixed the bug in time to avoid further expansion of the other inventory accounts. In the meantime, due to the Steam Guard being changed, the inventory account was affected Trading restrictions. Items in these bots can not be retrieved and listed on our site, so all of these items were unlisted by us, to avoid the buyers can not retrieve items after placing order. So we hope your understanding both buyers and sellers.

These two days, we are also try our hard to solve the problem of trading restrictions caused by the Steam Guard change. We tried to contact the Steam support as a user for help, but unfortunately, Steam support said they can not remove restrictions for us alone. So we can only wait 15 days limit expires, automatically remove the trading restrictions.

In addition, we need to rumor is that these inventory bots can not be traded by the technical bug but not caused by Steam officially banned. Please rest assured that your items in our inventory number is very safe, absolutely no loss.

In response to this incident, we sincerely say sorry to all members. We are very willing to compensate the vast number of affected users. Here are our compensation measures:

For sellers: 2017.11.13 to 2017.11.30, withdrawal fee is free.

For buyers: If your placed orders and can not retrieve items 2017.11.6 to 2017.11.9, please check your Steam account whether there are trading restrictions, if not, contact our customer service staff to verify whether the purchase of goods belonging to the problem stock number. If items not belong to those restrict bots, we can manually deliver; if yes, we hope you can wait patiently until the trading deadline is over and you will be able to retrieve the goods yourself. If you do not have the patience to submit a refund request to our customer service staff, we will process the transaction as soon as possible.

If you have any doubt, please contact with Live support.

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