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Tips to make you a better player FIFA 19 is a brilliant football sim, and one that makes meaningful strides forward from EA’s offering last year. It has plenty of new mechanics as well as refinements to old ones, which means you’ll need to reprogram your FIFA brain to get back to winning ways. With that in mind, here are some tips that will help you become a top player, whether you’re battling online in Ultimate Team or squaring up to the CPU in Career mode. Let’s play some football. 1.Don’t mash the shoot button near the goal When the ball is loose in the six-yard box, most players’ natural reaction is to mash the shoot button and hope one of their strikers connects. Don’t do it this year. Because of timed finishing, hitting shoot repeatedly will just make you slice your shot, and can lead to some embarrassing open goal misses. Just press shoot once – your player will be just as eager to get to the ball as they would if you pressed it 50 times. It takes some getting used to, but showing restraint will pay off. 2.Use L2/LT to keep first touches close A fancy first touch isn’t always the best option, especially if you’ve got a couple of defenders nearby. To keep the ball close to you, hold L2/LT as you receive the ball, and press the left stick away from the nearest defender. It’ll practically stick to your foot, and if you carry on holding L2/LT, your player will use their body to keep the defender at bay. 3.Put players’names above their head This might seem simple, but it’s very useful for scoring goals. If you’re using a zoomed out camera – we’d recommend Tele Broadcast with a zoom of three – players tend to all look the same. You need to know which player you’re controlling so that you know which is their dominant foot, as well as what skill moves they can pull off. 4.Tap shooting FIFA 18’s driven shot was a reliable way to score: you powered up your shot and tapped the shoot button again just before contact. Naturally, that won’t work in FIFA 19 because of the new timed finishing system, so instead, you have to hold R1, L1 and shoot to drive the ball low. They’re still fairly reliable, but we’ve found that simply using a low-powered normal shot – around one bar of power – is a consistent way of scoring one-on-ones. Just make sure you get to the penalty spot or closer, because any farther away than that and the keeper will have more than enough time to make the save, and aim for the corners. Read more about FIFA19 TOTS at:

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