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Anonymous Customer : 3

The customer has bought: NOX KUE

21/11/2018 11:23:09

Anonymous Customer : Best Deals on The Web! Fast service with an email and a smile!

The customer has bought: FREELANCER MIS CCU

19/10/2018 20:30:28

Anonymous Customer : Thank you for a fast delivery of my Star citizen order!Was a little bit suspicous about it but I got my ship within 1 hour! If you will have mroe good offer of star citizen ships in future i will definetly check it out! :)

The customer has bought: NOX KUE

20/06/2018 13:58:39

Anonymous Customer : Ship arrived within 24 hours of payment.

The customer has bought: NOX KUE

27/05/2018 15:47:51

wh****34 : GOOD!!!

The customer has bought: THE TUMBRIL NOVA TANK

09/03/2018 01:17:19

wh****34 : fast!!

The customer has bought: THE HURRICANE

08/03/2018 07:26:06

Star Citizen Ships and Upgrade


1. How to get your Star Citizen ship(s)?
Within 24 hours after payment (though usually a lot faster) you will receive an email [email protected], being sent to your email address associated with your verified paypal account used for the payment. This email will contain a code/link that when clicked, will instantly transfer the ship to whatever Star Citizen RSI Account you are logged into. Please ensure you are logged into the right account, as the ship or item cannot be transferred again thereafter.

2.What’s CCU?
CCU("Cross-Chassis Upgrades")At one time there were different terms (on the RSI store) - an "upgrade" was one variant of a ship to another variant of that same ship, while a "CCU" was one ship to another ship. They haven't been referred to as such on the RSI site for a long time. They've been called simply "upgrades" for a while now, but out of force of habit (and brevity) everyone just says "CCU".  

3.What’s the difference between Original and CCU ship?
The difference only exist when you “melt”ship for credit. Original ship could let you get credit as many as the cost of this ship. CCU ship let you get the credit as many as the cost of the ship which is without any upgrade, and all upgrade packs. After melt, original ship can be bought again store directly but it doesn’t work for CCU ship. 

4.What’s LTI?
LTI=Lifetime InsuranceIf a ship with LTI is destroyed or captured it will be replaced with an identical model in equivalent condition. The replacement may not arrive immediately - it can take some time. The developers have indicated that the more often a ship is destroyed, the longer the wait until its replacement arrives.Lifetime Insurance covers the ship hull and basic equipment only. It does not cover modifications made or cargo acquired by the player after first receiving the ship. 

New Citizens – check this out first!
If you’re new to Star Citizen, remember to check this out first:
1) Create Your Star Citizen Account:
It's also called RSI Account. Use our REFERRAL CODE: STAR-69PB-Y33S to get 5,000 UEC
2) Game Package:
If you don’t have a game package yet, remember that you can start with any cheap pack. You must own at least one starter package to get Citizen Qualify. 

You will enjoy all universe with cool Star Citizen Ships. You can get cheap Star Citizen Ships and Upgrade at IGVault.

What do we guarantee?
We've been serving thousands of Star Citizen players with our powerful delivery system, which enables our customers to get their Star Citizen Ships and Upgrade just within a few minutes after their orders are being accepted.
The safety of your account is what we take seriously, we’ll do whatever we can to make sure all transactions are being smoothly performed.


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