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Anonymous Customer : delivery was a lil slow but got the gun nonetheless

The customer has bought: Fortnite:1x Buzzcut - 5 Stars【Nature】

27/05/2019 02:02:38

Anonymous Customer : Always on point tbh

The customer has bought: Dofus Kamas

26/05/2019 20:18:49

Anonymous Customer : Very satisfied!!! Quick like fire :D

The customer has bought: Dofus Touch Kamas

26/05/2019 13:19:33

Anonymous Customer : i got 40% of what i asked for today. i ordered multiple items today and you guys on came through with about half of the promised goods. 1st order today was promised a modded sword, ended up being to no modded not even god role sword as well a founders drum roll the wrong element. second order only got one space invader when i ordered2

The customer has bought: Fortnite:[MODDED]1x Space Invader - 5 Stars【Fire+

25/05/2019 01:18:35

Li****pn : Très rapide 5 minutes

The customer has bought: Dofus Kamas

23/05/2019 20:20:09

Anonymous Customer : excellent

The customer has bought: FORTNITE V-BUCKS:★iKONIK Outfit - 【Galaxy S10 x

23/05/2019 16:40:28

Anonymous Customer : Simple, straight forward, got my bucks, v-buckkks

The customer has bought: FORTNITE V-BUCKS:4,000 (+1,000 Bonus) V-Buckks

23/05/2019 15:54:53

Anonymous Customer : Very fast just by writing to live support

The customer has bought: Fortnite:[MODDED] 1x Vacuum Tube Launcher - 5 Stars

23/05/2019 14:34:35


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