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Order details

PS4 & PS5 Safe Trade FIFA 22 Coins

Seller : CoinX ( 73.28% Positive )

Delivery Speed: 24 Hours

Quantity & delivery information


1. After you completed payment , you can CLICK HERE to go to "order history" and click "Get Coins" button. You will also get one email notification.

2. Fill in your correct Origin Account details (EA(Origin) Account, EA(Origin) Password and 5 Backup Codes)and submit. 

* Requirments:
1) Transfer market on Web app has to be unlocked. 
2) There's at least 1K coins in your account. 

3. Log out of your account both on console and Web app until your order status shows "Completed".

4. You’ll receive an email when the order is delivered. You MUST Spend the Coins and change EA Password within 24 Hours after receiving it to avoid being wiped.Changing your password will ensure the security of your account. We will not compensate for the disappearance of the player card after the warranty period if the password is not changed in time.

5. All coins transfer will cause ban or coins wiped, eventhough you buy cards in market. But do not worry, If you got this situation within 24 hours after you got coins delivery, igvault provide fully refund guarantee or make fully delivery again.

CLICK HERE to know more details about delivery.



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