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Anonymous Customer : Delivered the product, even tho not very fast, but within the specified time.

The customer has bought: Aion Kinah

19/03/2019 19:47:58

Anonymous Customer : livechat said it was currently not on stock anymore but it still only took them about 6 hours.

The customer has bought: Aion Kinah

17/01/2019 05:25:16

Anonymous Customer : for a moment I thought I would not receive the kinah ... thanks for the delivery .. I understand all the setbacks, good week everyone!

The customer has bought: Aion Kinah

11/01/2019 04:55:25

Anonymous Customer : less than 15 minutes for small order

The customer has bought: Aion Kinah

02/12/2018 14:42:29

K**i : The second one took a bit more time, but still inside of the specified timeframe. Good Joob.

The customer has bought: Aion Kinah

05/11/2018 13:51:40

K**i : Awesome...I believe it needed only twenty minutes...For sure not more than 25. Nice service

The customer has bought: Aion Kinah

04/11/2018 10:58:02

Aion Kinah

The many awards the Aion game has received since its release in 2009 suffice to prove its essential role in the MMORPG world.

That is why at IGVault, we constantly redouble our efforts to stay the best provider for this game.
In order to accomplish this mission, we can count on trusted suppliers and payments partners, which help us ensuring sufficient stock of Aion Kinah.

Whether you are an Elyos or an Asmodian, you need Aion Kinah to satisfy your greatest ambitions in the game. Indeed, owning Kinah allows you to enjoy various services in the game, such as using public transport, and get more valuable skills easily and save a lot of time.

Why buy Aion Kinah at IGVault?
Thanks to the experience we have been gaining since 2006, we are able to offer you great services, not only at very cheap prices, but also very quickly, as 95% of our customers usually receive their orders within 10 minutes.

How to receive your Aion Kinah?
The delivery of Aion Kinah is done via your In-Game mailing, which means that there is no need for you to wait for us in the game. Once the delivery is completed, the status of your order on IGVault changes to “delivered”.
If you have any question regarding the order process, do not hesitate to contact our 24h/7 Live Chat Support.

What do we guarantee?
Strive on offering you the best services notably means continuously improving ourselves to better protect your personal information. 
It is very uncommon that your account would get suspended or your Aion Kinah would be confiscated by NCsoft because of a trade you would have done with IGVault. But, should that situation happen, you can be sure that we would fully compensate you by either re-delivering the Aion Kinah, or fully refund you once the confirmation of IGVault’s involvement has been confirmed.

So, come buy Aion Kinah At IGVault & rule the world of Atreia!

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