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: Great service. No Bullshit. 5 stars.

The customer has bought: Nostalrius WoW Gold

30/09/2017 09:48:20

: The delivery was incredibly fast!

The customer has bought: Nostalrius WoW Gold

21/09/2017 07:49:05

: Men it works great and i was very disapointed before! Thank u men

The customer has bought: Nostalrius WoW Gold

01/09/2017 13:35:30

: perfect! so fast, nice!

The customer has bought: Nostalrius WoW Gold

01/09/2017 13:07:33

: The live support said the gold was out of stock for the moment, so I thought it was a normal scam like gold selling websites usually are, but got all my gold in less than 2 hours after!

The customer has bought: Nostalrius WoW Gold

02/06/2017 18:38:57

: Only took 5 min for the entire process, fast live support aswell. 5/7 would buy again.

The customer has bought: Nostalrius WoW Gold

02/06/2017 13:26:43

Nostalrius Gold

About Nostalrius WoW

Nostalrius is a private World of Warcraft server created in 2015. The server featured a version of the game called ""Vanilla"", or, one of the first versions of the game (Version 1.12). The server host received a Cease and Desist letter Blizzard Entertainment and so the server was shut down on April 10, 2016, leading to unprecedented protests on Facebook and Twitter and large scale coverage in mainstream computing journalism.

It is one of the most successful private servers to date, with over 800,000 accounts registered and 150,000 active accounts.

Why Buy Nostalrius Gold At IGVault
In order to help you achieve your great ambitions in the game, rely on our great 10-year old network to provide you with very quick and safe 24/7 services.
Indeed, thanks to our trusted relationships with reliable payments partners and suppliers, you can notably benefit plenty of stock of cheap Nostalrius gold, as well as many payment methods that are of course all secure.
Besides, with the delivery of the Nostalrius Gold via Auction House, you quickly get your gold. 
This is proven by the fact that 95% of the orders are usually delivered within 10 minutes after placing the order. 

How To Receive your Nostalrius Gold IGVault?
To perform the delivery quickly as well as securely, the “Auction House” delivery method is used for all Nostalrius Gold orders.
How does it work? After having placed your order on IGVault, please contact us via our 24/7 Live support to provide us with the information and the quantity of the object you are selling at the Auction House (In order to quickly find the object and speed up the delivery, we have put in our checkout page a list of some common objects for you to choose ), so that we can correctly localize it and purchase it.

IGVault will bear the 5% transaction fee

What Do We Guarantee?
At IGVault, we constantly improve our services to ensure the safety of your account.
In the very rare case that your account is suspended or your Nostalrius Gold confiscated because of a transaction with IGVault, a full compensation would be given to you, whether it is a re-delivery of Nostalrius Gold or a full refund, once IGVault’s involvement is confirmed.

So, don’t waste time! Come get your Nostalrius Gold and become the most powerful player in Classic WoW!


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