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Membership Level

Every 90 day, your membership level will be automatically updated by IGVault, in accordance with the amount you will have spent on IGVault.

Please find below the 5 different levels you can target, along with the corresponding requirements:



Membership level

Required Spending within 90 days


Bronze membership

101 Euros – 300 Euros

1% discount

Silver membership

300 Euros – 800 Euros

2% discount

Gold membership

801 Euros – 1500 Euros

4% discount

Platinum membership

1501 Euros – 2400 Euros

7% discount

Diamond membership

More than 2400 Euros

10% discount



To know which membership level you’re at, please log into your IGVault account and click on “My IGVault”.


Membership Level Discount cannot be applied on Account and CSGO orders.


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