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FIFA: How to List Players on FIFA Transfer Market

How to List Players on FIFA Transfer Market

Follow the steps to list a player on FIFA Transfer Market:

1. Login to FIFA Ultimate Team via EA FIFA WebAPP by can also login in your console.

2. Enter "MY CLUB" - "PlayerS"


3. Use the Player SEARCH to find worthless players of Gold quality or above.


4. Choose a player

5. Click on "List on Transfer Market” to list on transfer market


6. Set a “Start Price” and a "Buy Now Price" at a quantity that we suggest in the delivery system. e.g. 150 coins for “Start Price” and 10,000 coins for “Buy Now Price”. Or you can also set it by yourself.

7. Set “Transfer Duration”(Don’t list for 3 days. Better 1hour / 3hours /12hours / 1days)


8. Click "List Item” to list the player on the market


Please be aware that EA charges a 5% transaction fee for every successfully completed trade. We bear the transaction fee for you. 

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