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FIFA: Safe Trade: Your FIFA Ultimate Team level is not enough?

You need unlocked the trading functions in the webapp to start delivery. 

1. Open FIFA21and enter the Ultimate team mode.
2. Select online mode and then select division rivals.
3. In this mode, you should have to complete at least 4 games per day for 3 days. the level must reach 15.
After completing the above steps, please go to the Webapp to check if the transaction function is unlocked.If not,please repeat the steps above until you unlock the transaction function

Then you can contacte  Our support online to informe us, we will creat a new link for you , and then you  can try to use “Safe Trade ”to complete this order .

If you think this process is too long, please  click on the delivery link in the email,click Safe Trade & Player Trade to switch the delivery method.And you can try to complete the order through "Player transfer 3.0".

※Website address of Webapp:

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